We work with a Medically certified digital system and safety needle cartridges and have undergone extensive training in this very specific area of medical tattooing. Over the years, Emma has taught both other technicians and medical professionals such asoncology nurses and surgeons to offer this procedure - you can rest assured you will be in very experienced, safe hands

We understand that this is often the final stage in a very long journey.

We feel privileged to work with so many women at this stage of their recovery, tattooing an areola into place to match existing, or a pair of nipples can often be the finishing touch to surgery.

It is not necessary to have undergone nipple reconstruction, we can create the illusion of a 3D nipple with the tattoo. This procedure is also suitable for areola loss/asymmetry following breast surgery.

We have the experience and skills to create ultra realistic nipples.

The procedures are always delivered in two stages allowing us to build a really realistic looking procedure, a return visit 4/6 weeks after your initial consultation allows us to make any necessary changes to shape and colour.

Scar Relaxation

Many of our clients have scars that can be smoothed and improved, just relaxing the tension held in the scar tissue can make such a difference.

This procedure smooths and improves the look of scars, through Dry Needling or “Micro Needling” the scar tissue.

Using our digital equipment and safety needle cartridges, we work through the scar tissue, dry needling, gently breaking up the scar tissue. Your body perceives this as a wound and your body goes into healing mode, producing more collagen at the injury site and facilitating the heal with healthy skin cells.

This action almost immediately relaxes the tension in the scar and as your body heals with healthy skin cells the scar appears and feels smoother and flatter.

The skin can even re-pigment and the scar disappear altogether.

It often takes more than one session of dry needling and everyone’s skin reacts differently, however, you will always see an improvement after each session.