Knowing that my eyebrows are the right shape, always there and always perfect has given me a huge boost in confidence - I can’t thank you both enough.
— Amanda Bricker
I was so nervous about the procedure, but Mel & Emma made me feel relaxed we laughed through the whole appointment - and my eyebrows look fabulous!
— Emily Parsons

Semi Permanent or tattooed eyebrows , the right length, the right colour, the right shape open and lift your face. The procedures are painless, we use numbing creams, they take about 1.5 hours of which we spend more time drawing and planning your procedure (and chatting) than we do actually tattooing.

There are measurements that apply to everyone’s face, set points that your brows should start, arch and end. We plot those measurements and then draw a shape, which we tweak and perfect until both you and we are happy.

We then create the agreed shape through tattooing ultra fine tattooed lines to mimic hairs or by gently powdering a colour behind your natural brow hair.

We will advise you as to what suits your skin type and how best to achieve the look you are after.

This is where our experience shines through. Emma is brilliant at understanding which of our many pigment colours are right for your skin type and how to achieve a healed result that you will be delighted with.

You then need to keep your brows dry for about a week. Avoid swimming, sweating, too much sun exposure. All of this is best practise, you want your skin to retain as much of the pigment that Emma has implanted as possible.

At this stage of your procedure, there is pigment sitting on the surface of your skin, which will gently start to flake away over the next few days, leaving you with the pigment that is “in” your skin. The colour of your brows will alter gently over the next few weeks. As your skin heals the colour may appear lighter then darker.

After 4 weeks you come back to us for a top-up procedure where we implant another layer of pigment, making any necessary changes to colour and shape.

We refer to this procedure as semi permanent because the pigments are designed to gradually fade in your skin. Most clients choose to return to us for a colour boost or top-up procedure annually to keep their brows looking perfect - permanently!

Here are some examples of our work, most of these pictures are taken directly after the procedure so there may be some blanching (whitening of the skin, from the numbing creams we use) and there is often some excess pigment on the skin. However these are not retouched and give you a good idea as to the level of procedure you can expect from our Clinic.

click on the image for more examples of our work