“I was fed up with wonky eyeliner, I was drawing it on every day and some days it took ages. I am delighted with my new tattooed eyeliner - I wake up with make up every day.”

— Jane Browning.


“I swim every day and don’t wear mascara at all now, my permanent eyeliner my lash line is always dark and my eyes look SO much better. No more panda eyes!”

— Jacquie White.


Semi Permanent Eyeliner is a fablous procedure, we can add subtle darkening to your lash line or a dramatic chunky eyeliner.

Lots of people worry about an eyeliner procedure and there really is is no need. Emma and I have been doing these procedure for years and you are in very safe hands.

Having filled out all the relevant forms and agreed exactly what shape and style you want for your eyeliner, we apply drops to protect your eye and then numbing cream to your eyelid. Another 20 minutes of chatting while the numbing cream takes effect and we are ready to go. Emma gently but firmly holds your eyelid closed and stretched and she works in tiny little movements to implant the pigment within the agreed shape.

No pain, no drama!

Your eyelids can feel a little sore the next day, this is a tattoo, but really nothing to wrry about.

We recommend black for eyeliner, other pigment colours can be used (blue, grey, dark brown) but we advise black. This is one of the most stable colours and will sit in your skin for years.